Benedict Cumberbatch is my secret husband. its a tragic story, we are separated by miles of ocean. its mostly one sided but i am fine with that. i love him anyway, him and his cheek bones. ❒ Taken ❒ Single ✔ Waiting for Benedict Cumberbatch
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texasjema said:  Is BC on social media at all or are all of these various sites run by devoted fans?

He is not on social media at all, if anyone is saying they are him, they are lying. otherwise they are run by fans.

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I’m doing an assignment for my speech class and I’m trying to see how many people like BBC Sherlock, Elementary, or both.

I would like to get as many notes as possible to have this be accurate

For Elementary

For both BBC Sherlock and Elementary

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Sherlock Canada! 

Hello! Sorry for not posting in a while but I have been very busy! 

I have been involved with Sherlock Canada



Please go check them out and tell them Morgan sent you!

I will still post things on here!

thanks to all those who have stuck around!

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Woke up and remembered its my birthday.

You don’t even know.

I could use like a million gifs. A MILLION.

But yeah.

Woohoo! :P


Sherlock Blues Clues

He just figured out Blue’s Clues, because he’s infinitely smarter than us.



that is all.

Forgot to post this but 

I was talking with my best friend, and I mentioned my tumblr, which she doesn’t have. I mentioned this blog, to which she made a strange noise and told me that one of her other friends loves this blog and has told her about it. I was like 

Like seriously it made me squee. It also gave me a kick in the butt that i need not disappoint this person and I should post more. 

I seriously need to meet this person, and every follower I have because your all amazing.

But now I’m like:


I got recognized from tumblr, come at me bro. 

As always this post has:

I will be posting more soon! Thank you! <3



To celebrate 1000+ followers, I’m hosting a giveaway!

CHANGED END DATE (now 1st July)

Thank you all so much for following me. I’m really not sure why you do, but to thank you for putting up with stupid, infrequent art and text posts about various places I’ve fallen asleep, here is a small giveaway. I’d like to apologise to my British followers, who must’ve had enough bunting and union jack merch to last them until their grave, but I’m unimaginative.



The main item in this giveaway is tiny (Approximately 2.5cm in height, in fact) but its not the size that matters, it’s the contents.

I have the privilege of living in London, and having Baker Street 40 minutes away from my own home, but I know there are thousands of Sherlockians out there who may never see 221b. So I took a trip to 221b, armed with a tiny vial and no shame, and filled it with dirt directly from Sherlock’s home. From one of his potted plants, in fact. 

The idea may be dumb and sentimental (I’m sure Sherlock is mocking me right now) but I thought it’d be nice to have a piece, albeit small, of Baker Street to hold close to your heart, however many tens, hundreds or thousands of miles separate you from 221b.



Because a tiny vial is hardly enough!

  • Sweets! A large Cadbury’s chocolate bar and a Curly Wurly. 
  • Your very own Jawn- a WWF hedgehog plush toy (my cat took a liking to him, so I’ve saved him and tried my best to de-fur him; sorry if he has the traces of Dave’s affection on him!!)
  • A smiley beanie ball; brilliant for throwing at walls when boredom ensues. Also saves on extra rent due to bullet holes. (my cat also liked this.. I’ve de-furred it too)
  • A 221b keychain (purchased at the Sherlock Holmes museum)
  • A chocolate medal, awarded for assistance to detective Sherlock Holmes (also purchased at the museum.)
  • Union Jack tissues
  • A medium Union Jack flag
  • A cute double-decker bus necklace
  • Wendy and friends- mustache paper clips 
  • An ‘I ♥ London’ sticker and a ‘Baker Street’ road-sign sticker
  • I was also thinking I might draw something, but I’m not sure anyone would want anything handrawn by a mediocre artist. I’d be willing to throw in some sketches though, if the winner wanted! [examples here]



  1. It is not necessary to follow me, but I’d be honoured if you chose to anyway! I may alter the giveaway (add more, tweak the end date, ect.) so make sure you have a way of finding out!
  2. Likes and reblogs count, but i’m going to have to limit it to 3 reblogs per day, purely to avoid dash take-overs.
  3. Your blog must be active. I will be checking back through the archive to see if it’s not been created to boost your chances.
  4. I’ll need to send it, so obviously I’ll be requiring an address. Also, I can’t say how long it’ll take to get the funds to ship it, especially if the winner resides outside of Europe. Bear with me!


This giveaway will now be active until 1st of July (as apposed to the 15th, i’m an idiot), and end at 9pm GMT (4pm EST).

The winner will be picked at random, on one of those number thingys, so it’s completely fair. Good Luck, and thanks once again!


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I made a strange loud noise, my cat is on my lap, he looked up at me like.

"I was napping, why must you humans make such irritaing noises when you stare at that strange object"

yes. that is what my cat would sound like.